I’d like to be honest about this: I’m not here to try and convince you about getting a Java certification. That’s totally up to you and it’s a very personal decision, since it’s something that will take you time and effort.

I guess that if you’ve found this site it is because you want to get a Java certification and you’re looking for helpful information about how to do it. That being said, perhaps you’re still not sure about going (or not) for it. If that’s the case, to help you make the decision, you can find below a list of some of the potential benefits that are reasonable to expect from achieving this certification and also (and perhaps even more important) what you shouldn’t be expecting from it.

Improve and Update Your Knowledge of the Java Language

This is undoubtedly the most important benefit you get and so it should serve as your biggest motivation through the studying process. You’ll soon get to realize that the time you spend studying is by no means wasted, but instead very worthwhile. I can assure you that even if you’re an experienced programmer you’re going to learn new and interesting things, not only about the new features released in every new Java version, but also about the Java versions that you think you master!

Job Opportunities

Let’s be clear: a Java certification by itself is not going to get you a new or better job… but it can help. Hiring Managers and recruiters often search for candidates with a Java certification because they know that if you have this credential you should, at least, have an above-average knowledge of the Java language. This gives you a competitive advantage that helps you stand out of the crowd.

That said, while the certification makes you more visible and gives you a greater chance to pass the first cut of candidates, it doesn’t guarantee anything else. You will still have to prove your skills and experience during the whole interview process (check my resources page to get more info about this).


What about internal recognition or promotion? Is getting a Java certification going to help you earn a promotion? Well this is, of course, company dependent.

Nevertheless, by deciding to get a Java certification and letting your company know that you’re doing it, will show them that you care about your skills and therefore care about your work, and that’s always good.

In fact, you should ask your company to pay for the cost of the exam. You will be surprised by how eager companies are to help improve their programmers skills.


The Oracle Java certification has been traditionally considered over the years as one of the most recognized certifications in the IT world, so it feels good to earn a credential like this. It’s not only about having a new highly valuable bullet point to add to your resume and your LinkedIn profile, but also about getting your knowledge validated, and that’s always very fulfilling.

Become a Better Programmer

No, you’re probably not going to become a much better programmer by getting a Java certification. As stated before, you will get a better knowledge of the Java language, but good programming is not only about mastering a language. There is much more about it: design patterns, clean code, algorithms, testing, tools, development process, etc (again, check my resources page to find some recommended resources about these topics). At the end of the day, programming every day is what will make you a better programmer.

I hope you’ll find all this information useful. If you want to know more you can also read these common questions about the Java Certification and check these testimonials from some people who have gone through the process of getting the certification, speaking about the good and the bad of it.
If you still have some questions, you can drop me a line and I will be pleased to help you.