When It All Started

It was 1985. I was eleven. My bedside book was Michael Ende’s Neverending Story and a blonde girl called Madonna was playing in the radio all day long. One day, dad brought home an Amstrad CPC 6128 computer.

First things first: “Dad, could I use this thing to play videogames?

And of course, you could. Late 80s was the golden age of 8 bits videogames, great masterpieces in just a few kilobytes. But, to the point… the big user manual accompanying the computer called my attention. I started to glance through it and then I landed at this:

Amstrad CPC6128 - Graphic Modes

Wow! Colours and graphics! Without realizing it, I was writing my very first lines of code:

Amstrad CPC6128 - Lines of code

Just a few simple lines. It was exciting. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I typed run and got this:

Amstrad CPC6128 - Circle
A circle. In mode 2, the display resolution of the CPC 6128 was 640×200 pixels. The pixels were like little bricks. But it didn’t matter, because it was amazing: with a limited set of instructions, a programming language, you were able to tell a little computer what you wanted it to do. And it even drew graphics.

That was when it all started: programming and computer graphics.

Thank you, dad.

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