What's Inside?

To the Point

No fillers allowed. Less than 90 pages providing the precise content to prepare the exam topics, from Java Basics to the new Lambda Expressions. Save tons of time and pass the exam with flying colors!

Planning Sheets

Do you love checklists? These nicely designed printable sheets will help you to stay focused, keep track of your progress and to keep your motivation up. Is it not rewarding when you put a checkmark in an empty box to mark a task as finished?

Tricky Questions

Challenge yourself and have fun while learning! These tricky questions will help you to think more in-depth about the concepts you’ve just read and to better learn the material

Study Sheets

A summary of specific and important things that you should know for the exam. Be sure to go through these sheets several times and to review them one last time the day before the exam

Code Samples

Code examples provided to further clarify the topics. Feel free to copy and paste these examples into your favorite IDE and play with them to reinforce the new concepts you're learning

Tips for the Exam

Useful tips and tricks to approach the exam. You’ll be the most confident and calm person who ever tried this exam!