What's in the Exam?

At the time of writing this, the exam consist of 77 questions and the passing score is 65% what means that you need at least 51 right answers. You have 150 minutes to complete the exam, which works out to less than 2 minutes for every question.

The list below shows the official list of topics included in the exam. In the Java Certification Roadmap book you’ll find a specific chapter to help you prepare for each one of these topics:

  1. Java Basics
  2. Working With Java Data Types
  3. Using Operators and Decision Constructs
  4. Creating and Using Arrays
  5. Using Loop Constructs
  6. Working with Methods and Encapsulation
  7. Working with Inheritance
  8. Handling Exceptions
  9. Working with Selected Classes from the Java API

For further details please check the official Oracle University web site.

How to Book Your Exam

In the sections below you'll find detailed instructions and screenshots to help you along the process of booking your exam, which basically consists of three steps:

  1. Purchase an exam voucher from Oracle University
  2. Create Oracle account on Pearson Vue
  3. Register for exam


Step 1: Purchase Exam Voucher

Go to the Java SE 8 Programmer I page on the Oracle University website and click on Purchase exam voucher:

In the following screen click on the View Details button:

In the following screen click on the Buy Now button:

In the following screen review your order and confirm it by clicking on the Checkout button:

At this point you'll be prompted to sign in to your Oracle account (or to create a new account if you don't have one). After doing it and finishing with the checkout process, look for an email from Oracle University in your inbox:

This email contains the voucher number that you'll need later when registering for the exam on the Pearson Vue website. The voucher is valid for 1 year.

Step 2: Create Oracle Account on Pearson Vue

Oracle partners with Pearson VUE to provide its exams and certifications, so in order to schedule your exam you first have to create your own Oracle account on the Pearson Vue platform. Go to http://pearsonvue.com/oracle/ and click on the Create account button:

The account creation is a simple 4-step process in which you must enter your personal and contact information:

Step 3: Register for Exam

Once your account is created, go to http://pearsonvue.com/oracle/exams/ to select the exam you want to take:

Type in the exam code 1Z0-808 (or 1Z0-808-JPN if you are taking the Japanese version of the exam):

Review your selection and click on Schedule this Exam. In the next screen click on Proceed to Scheduling:

In the next step you must select the test center where you want to do the exam. Type in your city name or ZIP code to locate the test centers near you:

In the next step you must select the exam date and time. I recommend doing the exam on a Monday morning: you’ll be rested, more focused and you’ll have more time that last weekend to take the day D-1 preparation. You must also choose the right time to do the exam: early in the morning is the best time, but take into consideration things like rush hours. The worse thing that could happen is that you arrive to the exam center late and stressed because of a traffic jam.

Once you have selected the date and time, confirm your order in the next step by clicking on Proceed to Checkout. Don't worry about the Total Due now (in the next step you'll enter your voucher code and it will be set to 0).

The checkout process involves two more steps: confirm your personal information and enter your voucher code:

Once the order is submitted, look for an email from Pearson Vue in your inbox:

This email contains your appointment confirmation and also some recommendations to take into consideration before and after the exam.

Getting Your Exam Results

Upon completion of your exam, results will be available on Oracle's CertView certification portal. You'll get an email from Oracle shortly after finishing the exam:

In order to be able to access your results that same day, it's recommended that you authenticate your Oracle account in advance. To do so go to https://certview.oracle.com/ and follow the directions that you'll find there.
NOTE: the Oracle account you must authenticate is the one used in step 1 to purchase the exam voucher, not the account used in the step 2 to register for the exam on Pearson Vue.


That's all! I hope you’ll find all this information useful, but if you still have some questions, you can drop me a line and I will be pleased to help you.

Good luck!