Do You Need an Exam Simulator?

The answer is: yes, you need a simulator. While the Java Certification Roadmap book by itself is enough to prepare for the Java SE 8 Programmer I exam, I strongly recommend that you use a simulator to complete your preparation by practicing exam questions. This is a fundamental part of your preparation and serves also as a validation of the learned content. Together, the JCR book and the simulator, provide you with a concise way to get your Java certification, with no need for any other resources.

So What Simulator?

The simulator I used to prepare for my exam was the Enthuware exam simulator so it’s the one I can recommend and the perfect complement to the JCR book. There are other simulators out there (ePractize Labs, WhizLabs) in case you want to try them, but they are more expensive and probably won’t match the content of the JCR book so well.

In my opinion the guys at Enthuware have done a great job. The simulator is considered to be the best Java Certification exam simulator and they even give full money back guarantee if you fail the exam!

We have been guiding students for Java Certification Exams for more than ten years and our tools contain every bit of our experience that we gain while doing so. Our products are the best in terms of Quality of Content, Number of Questions, Features, and Support. You don't have to take our word for it though. Do your research on the net, read reviews from our users, and compare our mock exams, questions, and explanations with offerings from other companies. We are sure that you will find enough reasons to go with Enthuware.


Downloading the Simulator

To download the Enthuware simulator you can simply go to and follow the instructions you will find there. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below. I've included screenshots of all the process to further clarify it:

  1. Download the application
  2. Download the question bank for the 1Z0-808 exam
  3. Buy the licence. This link will take you to the Enthuware site, where you will be prompted what kind of licence you want (Desktop / Desktop + Mobile):

The next step is to enter your contact information and payment method:

Finally you have to review and confirm your order:

Once the order is completed, look for some emails from Enthuware in your inbox:

One of the emails contains the licence key you'll need in the next step, while installing the simulator.

Installing the Simulator

The desktop version of the simulator is the one I used to prepare for my exam. I found it more convenient to work with my laptop so I could easily switch between the simulator and my Java IDE (Eclipse) to try some code examples.
To install the desktop version of the simulator you can simply follow the instructions given in the Enthuware site. Alternatively, you can follow the steps below:

1. Move the previously downloaded files (etsviewer.jar and japv8.ets) from the downloads folder of your computer to a new folder, e.g. java8-exam-simulator

2. Start the simulator by double clicking on etsviewer.jar (you need Java installed on your computer). It should show a window like this:

3. Click on File → Open EST File:

4. Click on the Manual Licensing tab and paste the licence key you got by email:

5. Click OK and the question bank will be loaded. Your simulator is ready to use:

From this point on, whenever you want to run the simulator you just have to double click on the etsviewer.jar file, so consider creating a desktop icon for it.


That's all! I hope you’ll find all this information useful, but if you still have some questions, you can drop me a line and I will be pleased to help you.