About the Author

Raúl Ríos

Hi! I’m a 40 year old dude from sunny Spain, where I’ve been working as a Software Engineer since 1999, doing all kind of stuff but mainly as a Java Programmer and Technical Project Manager.

To be honest, I’ve actually been programming since I was eleven when dad brought home an Amstrad CPC 6128 computer. That’s when it all started: programming languages, computer graphics and homemade video games!

I really enjoy programming and learning new stuff every day. Let’s say I win the lottery today. Tomorrow I would wake up and would like to spend my day coding… well, you’re right: I would take a few weeks to travel and all that, but you get the point.

I don’t consider myself a Java guru. However after all this time working in the IT world and having studied for some of the toughest certifications (Sun Java Designer, Project Management Professional and Oracle Java Programmer) what you could truly say about me is that I’ve become certified on getting certifications, and I really hope all this experience will be helpful to you.