Get Your Java Certification the Smart Way

The Java Certification Roadmap book is the ultimate and most time-saving guide to help you get your valuable Oracle® Java SE 8 Programmer certification

What's Inside?

To the Point

No fillers allowed. Less than 90 pages providing the precise content to prepare the exam topics, from Java Basics to the new Lambda Expressions. Save tons of time and pass the exam with flying colors!

Planning Sheets

Do you love checklists? These nicely designed printable sheets will help you to stay focused, keep track of your progress and to keep your motivation up. Is it not rewarding when you put a checkmark in an empty box to mark a task as finished?

Tricky Questions

Challenge yourself and have fun while learning! These tricky questions will help you to think more in-depth about the concepts you’ve just read and to better learn the material

Study Sheets

A summary of specific and important things that you should know for the exam. Be sure to go through these sheets several times and to review them one last time the day before the exam

Code Samples

Code examples provided to further clarify the topics. Feel free to copy and paste these examples into your favorite IDE and play with them to reinforce the new concepts you're learning

Tips for the Exam

Useful tips and tricks to approach the exam. You’ll be the most confident and calm person who ever tried this exam!

Other books out there are overly large. They prepare you for the exam, but in a time-consuming way that you don’t really need... if you have some previous Java experience, what’s the point of reading twenty pages about operators?

What People Say About the Java Certification

…it hasn’t really had that big an impact on my career. On the other hand the impact on my knowledge of the Java Language was immense.

Adewale Oshineye


I took the programmer exam and found it a worthwhile exercise, because it covers all aspects of the language, even those that you usually avoid / code around / get right but don’t know why / use seldomly.

Falk Bruegmann

Software Architect

I found it a very positive experience… when I had to study for the certification exam, I dug into the language details far more deeply and comprehensively than I ever would have on my own…

Andy Moore

Software Engineer

If your Java experience is weak, certification is likely to be a significant help in getting a Java job.

Source: Is Java Certification Worth It? at Cunningham & Cunningham, Inc.

Why Get Certified?

Job opportunities, promotions, improving your Java skills... know the potential benefits that are reasonable to expect from achieving this certification and also (and perhaps even more important) what you shouldn’t be expecting from it

About the Author

Raúl Ríos

Hi! I’m a 40 year old dude from sunny Spain, where I’ve been working as a Software Engineer since 1999, doing all kind of stuff but mainly as a Java Programmer and Technical Project Manager.

To be honest, I’ve actually been programming since I was eleven when dad brought home an Amstrad CPC 6128 computer. That’s when it all started: programming languages, computer graphics and homemade video games!

I really enjoy programming and learning new stuff every day. Let’s say I win the lottery today. Tomorrow I would wake up and would like to spend my day coding… well, you’re right: I would take a few weeks to travel and all that, but you get the point.

I don’t consider myself a Java guru. However after all this time working in the IT world and having studied for some of the toughest certifications (Sun Java Designer, Project Management Professional and Oracle Java Programmer) what you could truly say about me is that I’ve become certified on getting certifications, and I really hope all this experience will be helpful to you.